When this year’s antique fair in Løkken opens on Thursday, August 2nd, there will be almost 40 stands with antique dealers from all over Denmark.

This year there will be new exhibitors – five in total from Funen and Jutland.

From Spjald, south of Holstebro, Jørgen Pries comes with an exclusive collection of maritime cases that typically Norwegian guests are interested in. He also has finer classical antiques like hand-polished mahogany furniture, a late-empire mirror and well-preserved Danish farm furniture. Repriese, is the name of his shop.

From Funen, Johnna and Christian bring items from their shop, Butik Pulvis – all of them found here in Denmark. There are retro-style pendants and lamps, but also from the 30’s, special things for collectors, Scandinavian glass and design items – a mix of slightly different things that get the chance of a new life with new owners.

From Gl. Kongevej in Engesvang, comes Benjamin from Antik og design Compagniet – he is one of the younger antique dealers who will show various items of which he himself has a good eye to. For example, Kay Bojesen toys, pottery, Greenlandic items, glass and other stuff. Benjamin’s things are only found on fairs and online, as he only does web sale.

The same is the case with Michael from Broager close to Sønderborg. He has a lot in the field of mussel-painted, blue flower (blå blomst), seagull set (mågestel), royal figures and gold and silver jewellery. The jewellery typically from the slightly more modern end of history. In addition, there are furniture and lamps. The store is called Gamle Fund.

Finally, Sigges Univers from Tversted is back at the fair again – many of the locals already know Sigge and his many fun finds.