It has been 46 years since my wife, Bitten Madsen, and I organized the first antique fair in Løkken-hallen. Antique fairs were not common at that time, so we started up with only 14 exhibitors in the big sports hall. The fair went well, so already the year after, we reached the maximum number of exhibitors, approx. 35, as we are now. A few years after the first antique fair, our son Andreas was born, and since he could walk, he has helped us with the fair.

We have always focused on high quality and factuality at the fair. Therefore, at Løkken Antique Fair, you will find professional antique dealers that present a wide selection of their best items in antique, art and design. Our ambition is that at the fair, you will find things that you rarely find elsewhere. It is based on these values that we under the motto, quality and tradition, organize Løkken Antique Fair, the oldest in Denmark.

The antique fair is cancelled in 2024.

With best regards

Bitten Madsen, Andreas Sørensen and Carl Sørensen