Nearly 30 exhibitors will return this year when Løkken Antique Fair is held for the 44th time, and a large part of them have participated for many years, which the organizers of the fair greatly appreciates.

Antiques are defined as works or art that have a cultural or art historical value and which are usually older than 100 years. When buying antique items, you are helping to look after the environment as you recycle products that have shown their durability and may have survived several generations of owners.

Today, many people shop online, especially clothing and electronics. However, at Løkken Antique Fair, you have the opportunity to hold the things in your hands before deciding on a purchase. This gives you a completely different experience. And at the same time, you can draw directly on the exhibitors’ huge professional knowledge of the objects and perhaps there is an exciting or fun story attached to the item you want to buy? So, all in all, you have a better basis for making the right purchase.

Carl Sørensen and Bitten Madsen, who is behind the company Gule Længe Antik, and who has run Løkken Antique Fair for 44 years, have been in the business for 50 years. When Carl thinks back, it was once enough to put out a sign at the road, and then the customers came by themselves. It’s not like that anymore. But Carl and Bitten have chosen to adapt to the development while retaining their values. So, the focus is still on quality and on creating a good experience for the audience. “Times have changed, but we will keep up”, says Carl, who is looking forward to welcoming the audience to this year’s fair for the 44th time.

One of the exhibitors you can meet again this year is Kig Ind Antik. The owner, Steen Jensen, is the second generation after his parents, and for Kig Ind Antik it has been a regular tradition to attend Løkken Antique Fair. “For many years, we have built a solid customer base in Northern Jutland, and we see that many visitors return year after year, while at the same time, new ones come to the fair,” emphasizes Steen Jensen.

At Sloth Antik, they can agree with this:

“It is difficult to get a stand at Løkken Antique Fair, as the fair is very attractive to both exhibitors and visitors. Here you get exposed to a lot of quality things at the same place, and Carl, who is running the fair, has for many years ensured that everything goes as planned, so that everyone gets a good experience.”